Pools that colour RED ! 

Etched deep within the soil

Trembling to seek attention

Out came a pair of hand

Pushing away the covering sand. 

The fumes were too intense 

Buried deep within she could still sense

Hues and cries all over

The more the little hands try,the more sand does shover. 

She lay in, Alive yet half dead

Left with not much energy to shed,

Many a screams heard, Siren sounds ring,

Hopes of survival now take to a string.

She tries to shout help, to no avail

Wondering where in this world did love prevail?

Too tired to scream she let go

Watching the drama of cry and woe.

“Make love not war” her teacher had once said,

Before her were the words worn and dead.

Here they made war and bombs did rule

Shattered were families in many a red pool.

Her little hands could fight no more

Whilst her little self getting sore

She fought till her last

Wondering when her teachers words would come to a forever last ! 

©The Nerd Blogger


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