Love vs Fairytale romance..

Life is exactly how a fairytale describes it. That’s how most of us assume until the truth hits us hard. Fairy tales showcase love as a romantic beginning and a happily everafter ending. The rest of the story is how the reader sees it to be. 

“Romantic moments”- Ah,how much i looked to it ? Alas, it took me years to understand what real romance in a relatonship was. Unexpressed love is still felt by the other in ways one could never imagine. 

There is love in every little thing that we take for granted and we miss to cherish those special moments. Tip toeing while the other is asleep, Lying you had your full to let the other have the last piece of the dessert, having the first sip of coffee to make sure it satisfies his buds,silently turning the air con on when sweat blooms in her forehead. There’s love in every action, romance in every smile and enough compromise in little everyday fights.

Life aint a fairytale. Neither can it be one. Relationships get better with age. Unexpressed love gets better understood and accepted with age. Then love becomes romance and being loved becomes a blessing sought after. 

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