Backstabbed Gossip .,

The fit was perfect.,The colours bright,

She knew the choice to be just right.

The flabs peeked and she knew “They would judge”

Leaving behind wat seemed the perfect attire, she walked away.

Though he tried so hard,

Numbers made him each day retard

How much he wanted the career of his dream,

Mom’s words flashed “They would judge”.

It was a costly tag,

Yet she had to afford the bag

Worries in and smiles aloud

She had to do this cos “They would judge”.

The pain was intense and she pleaded “mercy killing”

The pug was old enough and he was willing

How much the couple wanted to kiss her a final goodbye

A decision that had a run over only cos “They would judge”.

“They judge” anyday, everyday

They judge not cos they are perfect

They judge to hide a life too imperfect

Flaws hidden, hapiness madeover

Backstabbed gossip, and it holds too much power!

Poetry Copyright © The Nerd Blogger 2017

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