What really do fairytales teach? 

“And they lived happily ever after”

“Every time Pinocchio lied his nose grew”

“The witch cast a spell and her beauty was gone”

Which of these could i read to my 3 year old?

At times i wonder what morals do these tales hold other than creating an expectation of a workfree and a flawless life. What courage are we embossing by telling children it is alright to elope with his/her love or are we emphasizing that spells do work? 

Jack climbed the beanstalk and lady luck favoured him with riches.But did we not read that he was a fool who could not sell his cow right? So what really should lady luck bestow ? Should it not be right senses instead of riches? 

Sleeping beauty slept for ages together only to find prince charming? Period. 

And what do kids learn from it? 

The carriage vanished and became a pumpkin.,so did the horses turn mice. If the spell worked for all of these,are’nt the shoes supposed to be a part of the spell too? How did Cinderella’s shoes withstand the test of time fairy godmother had preset?

Fairy tales carry age long stories of which most are cooked. Reading to kids is really a good decision we as parents make. But reading fairy tales? 

I aint sure. Short stories to me carry a better standard than  fairy tales. Atleast they teach you morals. 

12 thoughts on “What really do fairytales teach? ”

  1. I like Shrek! It has reality written all over it. Pity, it’s not a book and the characters are ogres because now how does one relate? Then again, we’re not princesses and princes either. Oh, and the new ones are better except I don’t know if there are books. I like Brave and Frozen. 🙂

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  2. The world is a strange and beautiful place. Life has odd twists of fate. If you look straight at it, magic disappears. Kindness is rewarded. Greed is punished. I love fairy tales, they teach us to be open to unexpected twists and caution us that we don’t know everything.

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