When amateur poetry happened 

I truly do not remember the days when amateur poetry happened. Back then the television did not really host as many shows as today and chances of boredom was at its high. 

Childhood & afternoon naps never sync quite well and i would refuse to do the nap thing anyday. Current shutdowns played a huge role in assisting me to pick a pen and a notebook and take to myself. 

Though i know not exact days or topics amateur poetry took to a start,but i know “boredom” was the initiator. Amateur poetry was all about nature. Back then i truly did not admire nature. Rather i was too little to understand its beauty.Still all my poems would be about nature. I’d scribble a day long and call it “poetry”.

Bits of papers that carried my amateur words would find a place in the bin the next day. My biggest break happened in 2009 when i first wrote “Her life”- a poem based on a real life incident i witnessed and it won me places everywhere i showcased it. https://thenerdblogger.wordpress.com/2015/02/26/her-life/

Then bloomed the confidence from within that told me “poetry” was my thing. It taught me i could speak free flow poetry. And with certificates & cash prizes in my pocket “Her Life” still holds too close a place in my heart. 

Now poetry is sheer happiness. Simply a blessing that not many take to self. 

4 thoughts on “When amateur poetry happened ”

  1. Hi Nerd, thanks for following my blog, I am following yours now too. I have only read two posts so far, but I like what I am reading. I hope to read more. I haven’t won any contests, but I just started writing. I haven’t experimented with any other forms other than rhyming. I am in a writers group, hopefully I can learn to hone the craft a little more. Nice to meet you.

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