The Technical Laziness ! 

Paying my bill i walk away, wondering the ease with which we trust technology. I remember days wen mothers checked every item on the grocery bill to know for sure they have been billed right. 

Ok.,I know machines dont make mistakes & give it to technology. But with how much accuracy does the cashier handle the billing? There could be a double entry or an additional item on your bill that doesnt exist on your cart. 

Lazziness has taken to a still such that even in smaller grocery stores we chose to oly ask the grand total and pay up without knowing the actual cost of the items. Whateve be the mode of payment.,we choose to finish it in a jiffy forgetting that this is what we are passing over to generations to come.

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3 thoughts on “ The Technical Laziness ! ”

  1. Yes, I check mine too because if the price isn’t downloaded into the computer you will get over charged. Happened to me several times. Then the cashier has scanned an item twice. Sometimes I forget to look until I get home, and that’s when there’s usually something wrong. I love and I hate technology.

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