Monster Math ×+= ÷

The monsters look at me,

None the answers I see.

Oh., numbers they are

With each meet, v face a war.

“Numerophobia”., some call it

Each time numbers test my wit

I play so bad at them

Flopping every little sum.

I do wonder why the world is full of math,

Yet., some men to them love does hath.

Tension and worries the numbers to me bring

With every exam result, troubles do ring.

“Oh Math., do me some good”, I cry,

Never a chance did it even try.

The day dawned when I could let go this monster,

Courses many an alternative seemed a blessing in disguise.

“Bye Bye numbers, i” I say.,

While equations and problems in chemistry find their way 😂😂

Poetry Copyright © The Nerd Blogger 2017

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