Reviving the”Lifeless” blog 😂

Blogging for first timers is never a cup of tea. With so much excitement i created a blog 3 years ago. Huge expectations was all i had while surfing through other blogs.,i awaited activity and visitors in my blog. The posts kept getting numbered and yet it remained a blog of silence and calm. 

All this while my mind kept assuring that i did not have the writing thing in me.. I was made to believe that writing was for professionals and i did not belong to the class. What i thought was passion,was not professional enough. 

Days passed by,so did months and the blog spoke of mime and lay still. The blog was becoming lifeless. Writing took to a stand still. What was then happiness,seemed all forgotten. A paper,pen and some words was what childhood poetry was about. Getting older taught me it needed something more than that. 

Boredom took over when i chose to brush open the blog that was lifeless for long. And this time it was “Boredom for good”. Wish the blog that has found life remains so. “TheNerd Blogger”now  a mature self to appreciate that writing is to self and happiness is being content with what you write. 

#Poetry #AppreciatingOneSelf #RevivedBlog 

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26 thoughts on “Reviving the”Lifeless” blog 😂”

  1. ” … writing is to self and happiness is being content with what you write” – fully agree with your declaration, and therefore, keep going despite the silence and stillness. There’s a time for everything, and good work gets noticed and appreciated eventually! Perseverance is the watchword – keep up the good work, good luck! 🙂

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