Of Silent Engulfment 👽

Silent thoughts ran hither as he lay still

So dark it seemed inside out

How he wished all feelings a let-out

Laughter was amiss, he wondered in doubt.

It seemed all right until then-

Until silence seemed his heaven.

Something was bothering within

No more the same, which he was to kith and kin,

Lone self- was what he craved,

Only Silence and calm the mind engraved.

He knew not “depression”, the culprit

All happiness and joy to the pit.

Life seemed too tough to move on,

There seemed no much a reason for him being born

Every being seemed a burden

Joys and laughter all forgotten.

The mind concluded “A Final Goodbye” the only way out,

To none did he seek support.

A second was all needed to bring to a dead himself,

Surrounded midst family in lone engulfment.

Poetry Copyright © The Nerd Blogger 2017

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