One Last Blush

I sway with the wind

Blowing tiny kisses with every sway

As tiny as i am,my petals


Each time the wind chooses to sway past me with a gush.

“Oh Little flower”, it whispers

“Each time your petals in the air disperse

I do not mean to tear you away with every sway”

The wind silently whispered.

I look up with a tearful blush.,

Waiting for the last touch .

I know dear wind.,I calmy tell

I know you always wish me well

As luck may call it.,Here ends our lil story called love

And for all the happy times i take a bow.

My seeds have taken to a toll,

See me soon all over this wall.

Think of me each time you pass by

Saying so i bid my final goodbye.

– The little white flower.

Poetry Copyright ยฉ The Nerd Blogger 2017

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