The unwelcome guest


She peeped from above, wondering how life would be ,
In the below world she could see.
There were real people evry where,
There existed motherly love & Care.

The Lil angel pleaded god to life on earth;
God smiled- and soon a mother to her would give birth
Her excitement and happiness grew-
Soon the love of a mother- so true.

The seed implemented in the womb;
She lay midst darkness
In  a place safe and secure .
Mothers every touch she felt love so pure  .

Her world – too small ,
Just her & mother.
No one to them bother
Eagerly,  she waited days to fly
To see the outside world -grew High.

The scan had shown her a girl:
A decision she did not know why ???

She felt a metal within,
A monster ready to take away her life.
She turned around and the monster her did surround.
Crushing the Lil head ,
In the form of blood she was shed 

She had been aborted,
Destroyed was gods creation – tender and mild.
Her excitement broken; dreams shattered.
It is the child and not the gender that had to be mattered  .

Image courtesy : Google.

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