Claw Fingers ! 

It’s 20 seconds to completion of the game,whilst the last streak of battery decides to fade away. Putting the dead phone in my bag,I look up to find all heads down. Engrossed in pings,games and social media there ain’t a person to smile back in the all packed mrt.  With the morning sun smiling to […]

Are we celebrating our women right?

With women’s day around the corner, social media sites are going to be filled with selfies with the woman in the family. Is that all? How really are we treating our women every other day of the year?  It is the 21st century and still it is acceptable to share meme’s and pass comical comments […]

Backstabbed Gossip .,

The fit was perfect.,The colours bright, She knew the choice to be just right. The flabs peeked and she knew “They would judge” Leaving behind wat seemed the perfect attire, she walked away. Though he tried so hard, Numbers made him each day retard How much he wanted the career of his dream, Mom’s words […]

Yet another Silent puff!

Peeking to make sure he wasn’t noticed, Stood the young and dynamic squire Lighting yet another fire, The craving seemed too much a dire. Satisfaction too intense to put to a word, Too much an advice he’s heard. How he wished the fag a let go To keep away from further woe. His hands too […]